About Living in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe & Truckee in California are an international vacation travel destination…  but many people work and make their lives here.

Wouldn’t it be great to be one of them?  That’s okay if you can’t… find a vacation home here and come up as much as you can!

Just imagine waking up to a crystal blue clear sky…

In summer, a golden hue is cast the air is so clear, and the day holds vast choices:  Get your email, get in a climb at Donner Summit.    Have a coffee at Elijah Blues in downtown Truckee, and join the biking club for a road ride.   Wake up at the crack of dawn and enjoy a glass paddle board on the Lake.   Full moon?  Get your kayak and get out on the water… any water.  It’s as bright as day and silent…  the purple shadow of the mountains looming over the luminescent water.

In winter, ski resorts have wireless… and what’s wrong with getting in a few runs in between contracts, emails and conference calls?  Winter white is the new black up here, come and join us!

The mountain lifestyle can range from cozy and comfy, to extreme outdoor backcountry, to exquisitely luxurious… choose where your lifestyle fits and we’ll help you find it!


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